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The MERN stack is one of the most requested criteria by businesses in the development of their web, mobile or software applications. The acronym MERN represents the 4 pillar technologies that comprise the stack: MongoDB (database), ExpressJS (framework), ReactJS (frontend), and NodeJS (backend). The MERN stack represents an alliance of the most powerful technologies on the market.

For web applications from online stores to interactive dashboards to complex business software, the MERN stack is my favourite go-to to build amazing apps on the web.

One Language to Rule Them All

Each technology is built on a single language: JavaScript. When I don't have to have different languages talk to each other, this makes development much faster and, therefore, gets your web app to market much faster!

Powerful Desktop Apps

Need a software solution that isn't hosted on the web? Using a browser-like container and the same powerful tools I use to make web applications, I can create a standalone app to use wherever you need it.

Limitless Possibilities

If you can dream it, it likely can be done with the MERN stack. Examples include: on-demand service apps (like Uber or Netflix), social/collaboration apps (like Slack or MS Teams), paper-to-digital workflows (like, and more!

Open-Source Nature

As compared to other technologies, the MERN stack is open source. And thanks to this open source nature anyone can develop their apps without buying expensive licenses and subscriptions, saving you $$$.

Better Performance + Speed

This stack is lightweight and fast as compared to other commonly used backend technologies. For a full-blown application of uncertain complexity, you still get great performance over traditional websites.

Future-proof Tech Stack

It's clear: the future of the web is JavaScript and API-driven content. And with giants like Facebook, Netflix, Yahoo and Instagram embracing the MERN stack, you can feel assured you are in good company.

Transparent Pricing

I don't believe in dancing around the nitty-gritty. Here is exactly how I charge out for my work:

Hourly Rate


For small tasks or projects, it is faster and easier to hire me by the hour. It is my practice to always give my best estimate, based on my experience, of the alloted time your request will take so you can have a ballpark idea of the cost before I proceed.

Fixed Scope of Work

Starting at $5,500

I offer fixed prices, based on my hourly rate, for any project that has a well-defined scope of work. A web or desktop application can be a complex creation, so I have created a project lifecycle process that guides every project I do from conception to completion.
Here's how it goes:

  • Thorough communication on project ideation, including design parameters (UI/UX), functionality specifications, and dependencies including data sources, users, and security
  • Design phase with wireframing, workflow (how your app will be used), and prototyping
  • Database architecture design and build
  • Frontend interface design and build
  • Backend environment design and build
  • Web app deployment on chosen host, with domain mapping
  • Quality assurance testing prior to full launch

As a hosting reseller, I also offer a  5% discount on all new web apps  if you deploy on my servers. I host all my personal and professional sites and apps myself (including this one!) so you can rest easy that they are reliable and secure. Learn more.

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